"We have the most wonderful staff team! You can find lots of information about each and every one of us in the table to the right.

Our level of experience is so vast it has given some of us creaking joints and the odd grey hair!

Nevertheless, it means that we can be of real help on a practical level to parents, younger members of staf and students"



    To begin with let me introduce myself. My name is Diana. I am the mother of 4 grown-up children, a qualified teacher with a level 7 qualification, hold a diploma in Montessori education, and am one of the first 1000 practitioners in the whole country to gain the new ‘Early Years Professional Status’. I lead the staff team and have overall responsibility for curriculum planning. I am now 58, and have 28 years experience of working with small children. I am still very passionate about my work and regularly attend conferences to gather all the latest ideas, research etc that might make our practice within the nursery even more stimulating or relevant than it is now.
  Hilary, our senior deputy, is a qualified Nursery Nurse with over 32 years experience, and the mother of 2 girls. Although part-time, her enthusiasm inspires us all, and she is the creator of many of our best displays. She has just finished her degree in Early Years Education – 3 years of very hard work. She hasn’t finished yet though as she is continuing at University to work towards her Early Years Professional Status. We are very proud of her for that.
  Carol is our other deputy officer-in-charge. She is qualified at NVQ Level 3 and has 27 years experience behind her. She is the mother of 2 sons and the grandmother of Leah, now 2, who is a regular attendee at nursery. Like Hilary, she has been with us since we opened in 1994.
  Lyndsey is qualified at NVQ level 3, and has been with us for 8 years. The children love her quiet unassuming manner and she is an excellent role model for them.
  Leanne joined us over 7 years ago, from school, and completed her Level 2 and 3 qualifications with us. Now, like Hilary, she has completed her degree in Early Years Education and is also continuing at University to work towards her Early Years Professional Status. She is a very valued member of staff, especially good with the babies and younger children.
  Lesley is the mother of two grown-up sons, and has been with us over 5 years now, after changing career. She is qualified at NVQ Level 3. All the children love Lesley for her warmth and sense of fun.
  Deborah has been with us 4 years now, and is qualified at Level 3. She is currently studying for a degree with the Open University. Having successfully completed the first three years, she still has two to go! Talk about going about her qualification the hard way! I am very proud to say that Deborah is also my daughter.
  Lyndsay has been with us over 4 years now and is qualified at NVQ Level 3. She is great fun to be with, and all the children think of her as a friend.
  Last but not least we have Lisa - who has very recently joined us having been on a student placement with us while she was completing her Level 2 qualification. She starts on her Level 3 qualification very soon – there’s no stopping our staff!! She has endless patience and understanding with the children, and is loved by all.