"Welcome to The Village Montessori Nursery School website. Choosing a nursery for your child is one of a parent's hardest tasks. There are so many factors for you to consider: location; affordability; safety; accessibility to name but a few. But as a parent, and grandparent, I urge you to look for a nursery that YOU feel at home in, for where you feel most comfortable, so will your child.

Research has shown that having a happy childhood gives adults an emotional robustness that enables them to pick themselves up from the hard knocks that can beset all of us from time to time. So look for happy children when you go out and visit nurseries - don't be impressed just by glossy advertising or a swish website! Nevertheless, I hope that you'll enjoy browsing through this site - and that it raises more questions than it answers so that you'll give us a call and come and experience our outstanding nursery for yourself!"

Diana Cummings

CYLEX Silver awarded company


Our Navity Play

This year's Play was probably the best for a number of years. As usual preparation began in early December, by reading the children our own story and encouraging them to act it out, which is something that they really enjoy doing of course. From this children were encouraged to think about what each of the characters might have said, and from there a script naturally developed. Each of the older children chose their role each time we rehearsed, so that all knew each 'part'. These rehearsals were so much fun, and very diverse! On several occasions we had 2 Marys but no Joseph; often the number of kings varied between 1 and 5, and right up until the last week we had 2 donkeys - a 'mum' donkey and a 'baby' one! On the night however, the cast selected itself, with a little prompting by staff along traditional lines, with all the main characters present. All the chldren were so good on the big night! All spoke up clearly and there wasn 't a dry eye in the place! The highlight was actually a song that was sung by 2 children alone - one recently 4 and another of 3 and a half who had learned all the words of 'Little Donkey'. That was truly amazing - two children that young, learning all those words, and the tune, and having the self-confidence to sing together, in time, in front of lots of parents.

Christmas Party

All the children had a great time at the Christmas Party. Lots of party games, a great party lunch and a visit from Santa - what more could any child want?



VMNS Website Launched

Welcome to the new and updated VMNS.co.uk website. Over the coming weeks we will be adding plenty of content, but for now you can use the contact page to get in touch with us if there is anything you would like to know.