"These form the background to what we do all day, every day with our children. It may also be that, if you read them again, you will recognise that they are what underpins your interactions with your child at home as well."



Our aim as a school is:

For each and every child to ‘blossom’ through his or her time with us - leaving our care when richer in social skills, life skills and with a love of learning that will last a lifetime.”

In order to achieve this aim our objectives are:

1. To provide the very best of childcare – full of love, laughter and understanding.

2. To provide the very best of Early Years Education – full of play and concrete, exciting, stimulating experiences.

3. To value, respect and include each and every child regardless of gender, race, religion, ability or disability.

4. To listen to each and every child and to allow them to become independent learners.

5. To work in partnership with parents and carers for the good of their child.